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The LANpoint TIME Timeclock style Terminal is available with various autoID input devices and other options built-in.

The options are selected by specific characters in the model number format:

LPC36 y z G- ab C, where:

Model letter definitions

y specifies whether or not there is an "option board" installed. The option board provides two slots - a developer-accessible Compact Flash slot and a developer/user-accessible PCMCIA card slot:

y = 6: no option board installed

y = 7: PCMCIA/CF slot Internal Option Board installed

y = 8: PCMCIA/CF Internal Option Board installed. PCMCIA slot is populated with factory-installed IEEE802.11b/g radio

z specifies the type of autoID device installed - none, slot badge readers of various types, and/or RFID proximity badge reader:

z = 0: no slot reader

z = 1: VRed slot reader (included in base price)

z = 2: IR slot reader (included in base price)

z = 3: mag stripe reader (included in base price)

z = 5: HID compatible 125kHz RFID proximity reader

z = 6: VRed slot reader and HID 125kHz RFID reader

z = 7: IR slot reader and HID 125kHz RFID reader

z = 8: mag stripe reader and HID 125kHz RFID reader

z = A: HID compatible 13.56MHz RFID iCLASS contactless

z = H: VRed slot reader and HID 13.56MHz RFID iCLASS contactless

z = I: IR slot reader and HID 13.56MHz RFID iCLASS contactless

z = J: mag stripe reader and HID 13.56MHz RFID iCLASS contactless

a specifies whether or not a digital Input/Output wiring termination panel is installed or not:

a = 0: standard beeper, no DIO termination panel

a = 1: standard beeper, includes DIO termination panel

a = 2*: includes loud, adjustable beeper, and DIO termination panel

b specifies the keyboard configuration:

b = none: 25-key numeric and function key keypad

b = Q: 51-key full-QWERTY keypad


* Note that if the beeper is installed, the terminal will have the DIO termination panel. The beeper populates one channel of Digital Output (channel 0 as it is shipped from the factory).


Example configurations LANpoint TIME:

LPC3662G-0C = base terminal with 25-key keypad, Infrared barcode slot reader

US List is $Register base


LPC3675G-1QC is a base terminal with 51-key QWERTY keypad, option board installed, with proximity badge reader, and with the Digital I/O termination panel installed.

US List is $Register base

+ $ Register option board

+ $ Register RFID reader

+ $ Register DIO termination panel


= $Register

* - These prices are valid for shipping addresses in the U.S.A. and do not include shipping and duty for overseas countries. If you are located outside the U.S.A., please contact the local representative for pricing information.

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